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Why Should I Engage A Managed Service Provider?

Posted by Jason Collins on Oct 13, 2017 11:46:41 AM
Jason Collins

MSP and CWS - Two acronyms that get used often, but what do they really mean and why could they be the solution to your contingent workforce management challenges? A Managed Service Provider is essentially an outsourced recruitment partner who manages your entire (or part of) contract and temporary worker talent attraction and engagement, providing complete Contingent Management Solutions. You can find out more in my previous blog.

MSP staffing solutions provide specialised experience and knowledge to oversee the attraction, recruitment, engagement and management of your temporary recruitment and management, bringing an end to the many challenges and pain points that organisations feel, such as multiple agency engagement and an inability to find quality talent at the right price. So, talent solutions could be the Contingent Workforce Solution you are looking for to help mitigate those risks, centralise your processes and reduce your flexible staffing recruitment and agency spend.

What’s great about an MSP flexible staffing solution is the fact that the service can be modularised, so you can pick and choose the parts of your contingent workforce management process that you want to outsource.


Modularised Service Options:

  • Vendor engagement and management
  • Full end to end requisition management
  • Vendor rate negotiation and benchmarking
  • Time sheeting of contractors and temporary workers
  • Compliance management
  • Consolidated billing
  • Optimise forecasting and demand planning
  • Cost management and negotiation


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Sounds Great, But What Does That Actually Mean For You?

As an organisation, you have more to focus on than just contingent labour management. You have your existing employees to retain and develop, your in-house process and methodologies to refine, and your employer brand to protect and enhance. Contingent workforce management adds an extra layer of complexity to an already hectic schedule in the day-to-day life of your hiring managers, and who couldn’t do with more time to focus on their day jobs? Apart from giving back some well needed time to your employees,  Contingent Workforce Solutions means you shift from engaging and negotiating with multiple staffing agencies, to engaging through just one point of contact for everything. It also means you get complete visibility of your entire contingent labour, without having to constantly track and chase who is hiring, at what costs, and for how long. There are benefits for every part of the organisation, from procurement to finance and from HR to your C-suite. There are reasons to convince everyone why having an MSP is a no-brainer.

Want to find out more about these benefits? Take a look at our brochure, which succinctly showsthese benefits for each area of the business, just click this link. 

From technology to project management, from marketing to administrators, temporary workers can be anywhere in your business, and with multiple people hiring multiple temps in multiple geographies, getting a grasp on your workforce make-up can be nigh on impossible. Being able to pinpoint exactly where in your organisation this resource sits and the total spend you are incurring is crucial to ensuring you are utilising everyone in the most optimum way to gain the highest ROI.

 If you’d like to investigate how Contractor Management Solutions may benefit your business and aid your temporary staffing requirements, please feel free to book a call with me here link.

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