Finding GDPR consultants and permanent resources to protect your organisation

NP Group understand the mission-critical nature of GDPR compliance and can recruit the GDPR experts you need. 


What Does GDPR Mean?

For organisations who place data at the heart of their organisations, whether in a processing or controlling capacity, any changes to data regulation are going to have a huge impact. The biggest challenge facing data driven organisations and digital businesses is complying with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation which focuses on data privacy, and the subjects rights. What makes this challenge real to organisation are the GDPR penalties that sit alongside it.

New Data Protection Laws 2018

What makes GDPR compliance even more difficult is the lack of GDPR qualifications. There is no one size fits all approach, which means that ensuring GDPR compliance can be a minefield. That's where NP Group come in - to help overcome these challenges by providing a GDPR compliance recruitment service, accessing top talent and GDPR experts to help your organisation ensure compliance to these new data protection laws. Many organisations are looking to partner with a GDPR recruitment agency to help them find the best experts in the market place to ensure their compliance. That's because the stakes are so high, and potential GDPR fines can be huge. 

NP Group GDPR Compliance Recruitment

Part of NP Information and Cyber Security, NP Group's specialist GDPR recruiters bring cross-sector experience with an extensive network of readily available GDPR resources. From a head of data protection, to a data manager, our specialist consultants have built a network of experts who fully understand data regulation and the new data protection laws 2018. 

NP Group work closely with clients to identify the GDPR risks your organisations face, enabling specialist GDPR recruiters to find the most appropriate GDPR professional for your organisation. Whether you are looking for an individual GDPR contractor, or need a full GDPR team, NP Group have the understanding, network and global reach to meet your requirements. 

NP Group GDPR Recruitment Includes:

  • GDPR Data Protection Officer (GDPR DPO)
  • Head of Data Protection
  • GDPR Implementation Manager
  • GDPR Programme Lead
  • GDPR Project Manager
  • Data Protection Consultancy
  • GDPR Consultant
  • GDPR Analyst
  • Outsourced data protection officer
  • GDPR Consultancy
  • GDPR Data Mapper
  • GDPR Project Manager
  • GDPR Analyst