Create a flexible contractor workforce with a Contingent Workforce Solution.

A contingent labour workforce provides an important support to an organisation’s ability to manage an ever-changing landscape. The ability to scale and flex with additional workforce capacity enables organisations to meet tight deadlines, whilst balancing cost with efficiency. But do you really know the value of your contingent workforce? In a world where temporary staff can make up 35% of the workforce, it really is essential. Managing a flexible workforce can be extremely complex, but with a contractor management solution, it doesn't have to be.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider enables you to offload temporary staffing management, helping you to focus on real business priorities. Whether you’re looking for a more efficient, streamlined process of hiring and on-boarding contingent workers, require transparent reporting to understand your permanent and contingent split, or are looking to achieve cost savings, an MSP providing a contingent workforce solution can offer all of this, plus more. To find out more, read our MSP blogs.

NP Contingent Workforce Solutions

NP CWS is a Talent Solution, providing contract and temporary recruitment outsourcing around the world. We provide expertise in benchmarking, workforce planning and sourcing across the entire contingent workforce landscape. As leaders in contingent talent acquisition and contingent workforce management, we have extensive experience of implementing and managing contingent workforce models.

The MSP process implemented by NP CWS is simple. We follow a tried and tested, scalable staffing solutions process, involving 6 key steps, which you can find out more about here:

  • Work collaboratively with an organisation to tailor a CWS to meet their needs
  • Talent Acquisition specialists engage with multiple functions to map the entire contract and temporary workforce of an organisation
  • Align the current contractor map with forecasted hiring needs
  • Identify opportunities to optimise the quantity, quality, distribution and cost effectiveness of the flexible workforce
  • Consolidate temporary staffing and flexible staffing agency use and optimise spend
  • Proactively manage the temporary workforce


Benefits Of Contractor Management Solutions Include:

  • Scalable contingent workforce recruitment process empowering true flexible staffing
  • Full governance and control of your contract and temporary workforce, ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Significant internal efficiencies across your Payroll, Finance, Accounts Payable, HR and Hiring Manager communities
  • Complete visibility of your flexible contingent workforce supporting better strategic business decisions
  • Maximise cost efficiencies
  • Increase hiring manager experience and satisfaction
  • One consolidated monthly invoice for all your contingent workforce
  • Optimise employer brand and candidate experience of the hiring process