Providing hard-to-find data science, data engineering and data analytics talent for today and the future

Our NP Data team specialises in building relationships with specialist data teams across a variety of disciplines, providing clients with the experts they need. 


With company’s constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their competitive advantage, monetising data is at the forefront for many organisations. Regardless of sector, multi-genre analytics, new data infrastructures and business models are becoming the cornerstone to profitable growth.

It is well known that organisations have a huge amount of data at their fingertips, but processing and analysing that data to generate real insight to drive strategies can present organisations without the right skills with a huge challenge. This is where the value of data science lies. In order to build a capable data team which can draw out the value of data science in a commercial manner, organisations need a variety of roles and skills within the data and analytics domain. This can mean hiring Data Scientists, building a data engineering team, a data analytics team or one, consolidated data team. 

Although there is a talent shortage in the data space, there are ways for employers to find the best data science talent, and build a successful data team. One way to do this is through engaging data science recruiters such as NP Group, and you can find further suggestions in our recent blog post by clicking here. With the demand for data science here to stay, can you afford not to put into practice a tried and tested recruitment strategy for data science hiring?

NP Group has a specialist big data recruitment practice focused on data and analytics. From hiring Data Scientists to building a data engineering team, the NP Data Practice has built a trusted, qualified network of data professionals over previous years, to become one of the most trusted Data Scientist recruiters in the industry. To find out more about the NP Data Practice, download our free guide here - link.

Focused on searching and placing the finest Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Data Analytics teams, NP Data has a global capability to help clients build the individual skills and team capabilities needed for today's dynamic world. Known for our skilled data science recruiters, NP Data has a dedicated team of professional data recruiters aligned to serving clients in finding the best data science talent when building their data analytics team and data science team. 


Our Specialist Areas Include:

  • Data Science: Python, Databases, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision
  • Data Engineering: Python: Flask, Django, Java, SQL, AWS, Spark, Hadoop: CDH, HDP
  • Data Analytics: Online Analytical Processing, Real-time and Predictive Analytics, Exploratory Data Analysis
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