Finding exceptional FinTech talent


Financial Technology continues to grow exponentially, with new ‘unicorns’ seemingly being cited daily. With a constantly evolving regulatory environment, financial services institutions are faced a rapidly changing landscape. Established financial services organisations are being challenged by a plethora of nimble specialist technology firms providing exceptional customer-centric services and solutions. Traditional firms are however, pursuing their own transformation to remain relevant to current and future customer demands. Enterprise Software is at the heart of this shift and its effects are seismic.

To continue to grow at such a pace, FinTech firms and established Tech firms must attract exceptional leaders with the talent to either maintain the change agenda or help redefine the way technology is used in the financial services sector.

NP Executive Search specialises in the finding and securing FinTech and Enterprise Software leaders. NP Group works with organisations for the end-to-end recruitment of senior executives, from working with you to define the job role, specification and type of potential candidate, to producing a shortlist and presenting the perfect candidate in just 6 weeks.

With experienced and dedicated FinTech and Enterprise Software executive search, NP Group’s London based executive search team provides clients with a dedicated lead Consultant. This is then supplemented by our off-shore data mining capability, allowing us to move at pace and provide you with a shortlist in record-breaking time.

 An extensive network of top Consultants, nurtured over many years

  • Industry specific recruitment experience
  • Global delivery experience
  • An extensive network of top Technology talent, nurtured over many years
  • Industry specific recruitment experience
  • Global delivery experience


Key Appointments Include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Global Head of Sales
  • Regional Vice President
  • Chief Marketing Director
  • Global Head of Professional Services
  • Director of Partners and Channels
  • Regional Pre-Sales Director
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Managing Director
  • Group HR Director
  • Group Finance Director
  • CIO
  • Head of Business Transformation
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