Finding exceptional talent for Private Equity and Venture Capital organisations and their portfolio companies


Part of any Private Equity transaction is the ability to create value and exponential returns from a future ‘event’. It is imperative that leadership are fully aligned to the journey and the attainment of the respective milestones. This makes exec appointments for private equity and venture capital organisations integral to success.

NP Executive Search specialises in Private Equity and Venture Capital recruitment, workings with Private Equity and Venture Capital organisations supporting key leadership appointments within their portfolio companies. Whether this has been to bring a different rigour and discipline into the organisation or bring an industry or geographical knowledge to key markets, NP Group has extensive experience of global appointments and a thorough understanding of the type of leaders required and what it takes to operate successfully in this type of ownership structure.

With experienced Private Equity executive search consultants, NP Group’s Executive Search London headquarters provides Private Equity and Venture Capital executive search services around the world. As a dedicated Private Equity executive search firm, and through extensive experience of working with portfolio companies, NP Executive Search Private Equity recruiters and  have the breadth of knowledge and experience to ensure the appointments are made quickly without compromising quality.

Successful Private Equity Portfolio Appointments Include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Head of Strategy
  • Regional Vice President
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Group HR Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer
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