Resourcing your projects with permanent, contract and temporary workers, done differently

As organisations go through periods of peaks and troughs in demand, their workforce needs to adapt accordingly. But with the uncertainty of future workforce demands, comes an added overhead of ongoing fluctuating recruitment needs which many organisations just can’t afford.

Whether you’re building a sales team quickly, launching a new product, or you have a unique project to complete for a client, short-term Outsourcing Recruitment Projects can give you the on-demand assistance to provide you with the flexible workforce you need to continue to grow. Recruitment outsourcing may be a new idea to some, but it is a solution which has real strategic value in every organisation, which you can read more about here - link.

What is Recruitment Project Outsourcing?

Project Recruitment Solutions is an RPO service which helps organisations facing an increase in their recruitment activity due to a specific project. Removing the internal overhead of recruitment, project recruitment provides a scalable model to meet your workforce demands. It’s built on the Recruitment Process Outsourcing model, covering the end-to-end recruitment process, but specifically focuses on peak times, specific projects or programmes you need support with. If you want to find out more about why RPO Recruitment is a viable alternative to in-house recruitment, follow this link to access our analysis.

Recruitment Project Outsourcing Benefits:

  • Achieve increased cost efficiencies be reducing internal overheads
  • You’re left to focus on strategic priorities, whilst NP Project Solutions focuses on providing the talent you need to achieve this
  • Achieve the flexibility and adaptability you need to complete projects on time and to budget
  • Keep the business and project team on track, focusing on deliverables of the project whilst NP Project Solutions secures, monitors and manages your project resources
  • Access to top talent and niche skills as and when you need them

NP Recruitment Project Outsourcing solutions is led from our Centre of Excellence in the UK and delivers services globally. Whether you’re a SME or large corporate, NP Recruitment Project Outsourcing enables you to effectively manage operation when you have increases in hiring volumes, meaning recruitment and outsourcing really do go hand in hand.